A Little Asphalt Dancing Never Hurt Anyone

Peter and I had to take a trip to the wonderful Mayo Clinic last week for his six week check up. The doctor was supposed to have obtained Peter’s biopsy slides, but the hospital that we had the procedure done at hasn’t been cooperative. We were both a little¬†disappointed, because once Dr. Aslam takes a look at the slides, we’ll ¬†find out what medication he goes on next. Also disappointing (to Pete) is that his potassium and phosphorus is still high, and we’re going to have to see a nutritionist. My poor hubs isn’t going to be able to eat anything fun, and I guess I’ll have to start cooking for myself. Dun dun dunnnn.

All of this has been stressing me out lately, and Pete caught me in a rare moment of silliness. It was in the 20’s in Jacksonville that day, and we had time after his labs to grab breakfast at a nearby diner. The sprinklers were on, and it left icicles everywhere in the parking lot. Not something this SoFla girl has ever seen before.

Isn’t it pretty? There was ice all over the asphalt, so in a rare moment of silliness captured on video, I took the opportunity to do a little dancing on the ice.

I’m glad that Pete took the video. It’s not a side of me many people see, especially lately. We have a lot of situations going on right now that require decisions. The video reminds me that the sun will always shine after the rain. Even if it feels like it’s raining a lot.

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