A Sweet Quote

A woman in England donated her kidney to her husband after finding out she was a match, and I love (and completely understand) what she said:

“Everyone kept saying to me ‘you are so brave’ but I work for a psychiatrist and he said to me: ‘You are brave enough to have this operation, but you are not brave enough to live without your husband ‘ and that’s when I realised he was right – I couldn’t manage life without Barry.”

People who receive living kidney transplants live up to 20 years longer, while people with kidney transplants from cadavers usually only live 10 years longer. I hope that I’m a match someday.

See the rest of the story here.

“Old friends save you money because enjoying each other’s company can be completely effortless: You can have fun sitting in the front seat of a car while you watch one of your kids play baseball, or in your messy kitchen drinking Diet Coke that has lost its fizz because it lived in the pantry for too long, and neither of you could be happier. Old friends save you time because you rarely have to give the backstory: They already know about that awful boy your sister went out with, the time your son had to get 32 stitches in his head, and the extremely mean boss who made you cry before you were experienced enough to know better. Old friends know that, despite occasional evidence to the contrary, you are sensible and usually make the the right decisions and are inherently good. And they consistently make you content with what you’ve got. They save your peace of mind, which is the best saving of all.”

–Kristin van Ogtrop, managing editor of Real Simple

March 2006 issue

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