Today, during lunch, I did a very bad thing.

Ricardo, Pete, and I went to Reebok, armed with 40% off coupons. I wanted to get a shirt or two for tennis. Something dryfit, with sleeves, that looked half decent.

$167 later, I left the store with a bunch of actual tennis outfits that I really don’t need. So tomorrow, during lunch, I’m going to take the majority of it back, after I decide what I want. That’s exactly what nonfrugal credit card spending Lindsay would have done. It was a HUGE impulse buy. You think that you’re getting 40% off, so it’s a good deal, but I don’t play tennis that often anymore. Just once a week. So I really don’t NEED all of those clothes.

The Sony-Ericsson Open is this weekend, and I’ll be going down to Miami with Pete, Mandy, and Brent. It’s going to be a good time, I just hate the drive. Hate hate hate the drive. I love traveling, but I hate the traveling part. I have a great time once I get places. I think i just don’t want to drive because I have to clean out the trunk of my car, and that’s no small task. I had all these plans to do it this week but here it is, Thursday night, and we’re leaving right after work tomorrow.

The thought of buying clothes for that much money is actually embarassing to me. I’m so obnoxious.

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