My Girl Crush on Penelope Trunk and Jenn Mattern

Penelope Trunk is a blogger and author who facinates me. She's a mom who has Asberger's and openly admits it on her blog, and she has started several businesses, including Brazen Careerist, which is a social network for young professionals like myself.

In her most recent blog post, Penelope talks about blogging boundaries, which is something that I struggle with. She is so honest, which is why people read what she writes. The same goes with Jenn Mattern, a recently divorced mommy blogger who is bipolar and trying to raise both of her kids.

I love reading about real people. Idealic lives make me uneasy, because even though things are perfect on the outside, they are never really perfect. I want to write that way on my blog, but the advent of Facebook and having an actual career make me careful. The career is what makes me really careful. It's not that I'm not honest, I'm just selective, which is why I haven't been posting much. 2010 will be a new year for You Shall Above All Things Be Glad and Young.

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